KEI & YURI :: Engagement Shoot on HONEYMOON ISLAND, FLORIDA, by Maria Scott Photography

I received a call from Kei about 10 days ago, asking if I would be able to do a photo shoot for him and his fiance’, Yuri.  They were in town visiting, when they had a last minute idea to have beach photos taken to celebrate their upcoming wedding (in Tokyo!!) in September.

We scheduled for two days later and met at Honeymoon Island.  In the meantime, I clicked on the link in Kei’s email signature, and come to find out that he is a professional Orchestra & Symphony Conductor, AND a Professional Photographer!   I was in awa of the impressive resume of his that I saw on Wikipedia.  AND….it gets better!   Yuri, is a Professional Tennis Player AND Fashion Designer!  I felt humbled (and a bit inadequate), next to this pair, but the second I met them, I felt as if I’ve known them for years!

We had an absolute blast during their shoot!  They were up for anything (which I was thrilled to hear).  I love when clients are willing to get wet, play in the ocean and just let loose. That’s exactly what Kei and Yuri did.  From jumping over each other, to getting into the water up to their necks  (so did I!), and standing on rocks, we did it all.  What fun it was to meet this amazing couple and be so honored to capture this special time in their lives.  

I’m so very blessed to have may of my clients become my friends, and these two are no exception.  I’m looking forward to photographing Yuri in one of her (3) wedding dresses when they get back from Tokyo.  It’ll be “Trash the Dress” time!  Can’t wait!!

Congratulations Kei & Yuri on your upcoming wedding.  Always stay as happy and in love are you are now.  You have such a beautiful life ahead of you!




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