The Studio

While it’s undeniable that the camera is a photographer’s primary tool of the trade, their studio is a close second in importance.  I have always believed that a photographer’s studio is the equivalent to an artist’s gallery – a welcoming environment that evokes inspiration, imagination and passion.  Because of this, I took great care in designing my home studio to accommodate all the technical and environmental needs while remaining warm and inviting to my clients.

Located in Hanover Township, PA. my 750 sq. ft. home studio reflects the hospitality of my family and provides the perfect setting to capture those special moments, from the innocence of a child’s smile, to the love of a cherished pet.  I view my studio as a creative extension of myself, working to deliver a unique experience for every client by emphasizing their individuality and personal expression.

While I feel my home studio is a great setting for creative expression, I also LOVE to shoot in new places and environments.  Whether it’s special setting inside a location or outside in the full splendor of mother nature, let’s work together on selecting the ideal locale to realize your vision.

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