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Head To The Beach For Healing!

Head to the beach for healing!

I came across an article in Woman’s World magazine and found some tips to help relax and recharge, along with several other health benefits.  I thought I’d share them with you!

AHHHH…The Beach!  Surveys show it’s our favorite place to relax and recharge, and now science is finding some more fantastic health benefits to boot!  In fact, a day at the beach is proven to:

  1.  HEAL DRY, ROUGH SKIN –  Seawater can keep your complexion clear and reduce redness and roughness, according to research in The International Journal of Dermatology.  It’s several skin-friendly ingredients, including magnesium and potassium, help relieve inflammation and antibacterial compounds, such as iodine, fight infections.  It’s also proven to help hear rashes, cuts and scrapes – even eczema and acne.
  2. HELP YOU BREATHE EASIER – There’s a reason folks who live by the shore tend to be extra-healthy; Breaking waves emit tiny salt particles that inhibit airborne bacteria, allergens and pollutants.  Once inhaled, these microscopic molecules loosen mucus and ease inflammation, relieving allergies, bronchitis and even asthma – and one study reported a remarkable 73% improvement in patients with COPD.
  3. STRENGTHEN YOUR BONES! – You know that spending 10 minutes in the summer sun kick-starts production of bone-bolstering vitamin D.  Well walking on a beach enhances the benefit!  Strolling on sand is a weight-bearing activity that takes up to 2.5 times more force and effort than walking the same distance on pavement.
  4. SOOTHE JOINT PAIN – Soaking in ocean water relieves the swelling and stiffness of rheumatoid osteoarthritis, reveal two studies.  When healing ocean water compounds enter your pores, they inhibit the cellular changes that trigger inflammation.  Swimming in the ocean offers extra benefits by improving your strength and flexibility without putting stress on your joints.


Soft sand is great for exfoliating your feet!  Simply sit in the shallow waves and gently rub your heels in the sand, then work some between your tootsies.

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